Modern Ways to Incorporate Tradition into Your Wedding
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Every bride dreams of a lavish wedding, a wedding of something old, something borrowed, and something blue. While sticking to tradition may be beautiful and timelessly spectacular, a little unconventionality will spark a sense of the wedding of the century. For every bride looking towards an element of extraordinaire and an element of tradition in her wedding, keep reading this article to find wonderful ideas for the big day.

Experiment With Non-Traditional Wedding Venues

Hosting a wedding in a traditional ballroom venue can sound less exciting for a modern couple. It is not easy to find a place for an unusual celebration to be a mixture of something classic and modern. Having a wedding reception at the Higgins Hotel, which is the Official Hotel of The National WWII Museum, can provide numerous benefits for those who want something unique for their wedding day. The Art Deco era look of the Higgins Arcadia Ballroom  is a unique space, providing a one-of-a-kind setting for a wedding reception. The hotel is located just steps away from The National WWII Museum, which can provide an excellent backdrop for wedding photos, creating a mixture of modern style of the couple and historical view of the museum, also adding an educational and meaningful aspect to the celebration. This location can provide a unique, historic, and unforgettable experience for couples and their guests.

Fashion Your Traditional Wedding Look With Modern Accessories

Round, flowy, and draping like a cloud, a ball gown dress is a timeless classic that brides worldwide go for. The plunging neckline is complemented by a sleek hair bun accentuating the bride’s face. Suitable for all brides, this traditional ball down is best portrayed when flattered with modern accessories.

Fashionable yet traditional, a pair of lace bridal gloves are a wonderful traditional vintage look; however, an oversized headpiece that draws attention is what brides should wear to keep up with 2023 bridal looks and mix history with modern.

Lastly, we saved the most important accessory for the final yet most significant choice. Especially for effective entrance trendy sunglasses are iconic and a stylish, bold choice to accessorize the bridal look. Brides have multiple options, including a dashing frame designed with eccentric gemstones or a mixture of rouge and pastel pink frames that display tenderness and a bashful bride.

Play a Mix of Traditional and Modern Music  

A musical wedding choice is very important, and couples have to agree upon a song and plan what dance they will perform and how to keep the guests entertained without causing a headache. We recommend that brides choose two options; one for the bridal entrance with a wedding string quartet and a DJ for the wedding reception. A mixture of both says sophistication yet fun enough to keep both the MR. and MRS. happy, and the guests as well. 

The string quartet can play symphonies that soothe the soul and are romantic, like the famous piece Cello Suite No. 1 in G major by Johann Sebastian Bach. Or the famous Ave Maria Franz Schubert for a dramatic walk down the aisle. Then during the reception, the DJ can start the party with their mixes and transform the room from classic to modern.

Serve a Blend of Traditional and Modern Cuisine

Creating a menu for the wedding is fun and eye-pleasing; searching for recipes and trying them out is always lovely. However, what entrée dish to start with, when settling on a main dish, and what dessert to finish with can be hard.

To ease the process, brides can limit the choice of a main dish by sticking to their heritage or hometown’s favorite dish. Honoring their ancestors and celebrating their culture, depending on their hometown, the dish will surely be intriguing and curious, whether it is spicy, savory, or sour and sweet. It’ll leave the guests wondering how they haven’t tasted this before and will probably ask for the secret recipe.

However, brides can include popular desserts and entrée in their menu to combine classic and modern. If the budget allows, the bride can have a buffet that provides multiple plates to pick from. This way, they can serve numerous dishes, perhaps a few traditional dishes from heritage and a popular new dessert. Or the wedding couple can discuss menu ideas with their wedding value catering team. In Higgins Hotel, the catering team can create customized menus that showcase the best of New Orleans cuisine, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. They can also accommodate special dietary needs and preferences, ensuring that all guests are able to enjoy the meal.

Personalize Your Wedding Stationery

Across history, brides around the world spread the news through wedding stationery that announced the date of the big ceremony. When brides send out save the dates, it’ll provide the wedding date for guests to mark their calendars, but the anticipated wedding invitation will provide an insight into the wedding theme. Brides can contemporize their invitations and send them in an old-fashioned envelope with a wax stamp inspired by 1945 war letters. They can also burn the edges of the card and have an old rustic paper feel to the card, like ancient books. Once they open these cards, all info can be written in cursive font.

Lastly, remember that traditional is timeless, but modern is fun to explore; a mixture of both is perfect.