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The Big Easy’s Best Bets

From Jazz Fest to Jackson Square, you can count on us for insider intel on the best the Big Easy has to offer. Check back monthly for details on our favorite festivals, fairs, and all-round attractions.

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    Why The Higgins Hotel is Ideal for Art Lovers

    July 09

    Step outside the doors of the Higgins Hotel and you’re in the midst of a thriving arts district. Access to the world famous National WWII Museum is a given, but you’re also perfectly positioned to explore an area boasting free public art, along with intimate galleries where the artists themselves are ready to tell their stories.

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    A Globetrotter's Guide To Spring In New Orleans

    March 12

    Spring is one of the best times to visit The Big Easy. In a city that reveals itself slowly, it’s important to stop and smell the roses. Become fully immersed in the magic of New Orleans with these fun springtime activities.

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    The History of the Sazerac

    February 12

    New Orleans is a city full of mystery and intrigue, it’s only fitting that the most famous drink to come out of The Crescent City—the Sazerac—is equally as mystifying. In a town brimming with cocktails and celebrations, the Sazerac is synonymous with New Orleans and was even designated the “Official Cocktail of New Orleans” by the Louisiana House of Representatives in 2008.

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