Le musée national de la seconde guerre mondiale
ww2 museum with American flag in the front

Explorez le musée officiel de la Seconde Guerre mondiale

Un regard émouvant et immersif de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, T il national Le Musée de la Seconde Guerre mondiale raconte l’histoire américaine de la guerre qui a changé le monde. Explorez pourquoi, comment et pourquoi cela a-t-il été combattu à travers une série d'expositions permanentes et tournantes, des expériences interactives et des histoires personnelles.

Museum Exhibits exterior of the national world war II museum

BB's Stage Door Canteen

The style and spirit of an incomparable era come to life at BB's Stage Door Canteen, a must-see stop featuring performances by headliners, big bands, dancing, and dining. 

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The Arsenal of Democracy

The Museum’s newest permanent exhibit, The Arsenal of Democracy: The Herman and George R. Brown Salute to the Home Front features multimedia and interactive displays that draw on artifacts and oral histories to bring the story of World War II to life. 

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Beyond All Boundaries

Immerse yourself in an hour-long, 4D experience journey through the war that changed the entire world, including archival footage from the battlefields of World War II—an experience you’ll never forget.

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Final Mission: USS Tang Submarine Experience

Step aboard the USS Tang submarine for her final, ill-fated mission, reliving her last epic battle as well as learning more about the evolution of and the tactics used in underwater warfare.

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US Merchant Marine Gallery

Learn about the vital role the Merchant Marine played in the Allied cause as they crossed the oceans to transport weapons, soldiers, and supplies safely to American troops, often in constant danger from menacing Japanese destroyers and German U-boats.

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Road to Tokyo

Explore the challenges American forces faced as they made their way to Tokyo, fighting the unyielding Japanese forces on multiple fronts, including New Guinea and Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, Burma, the islands of the Pacific, China, India, and Alaska.

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VIP Museum Tours

Expand your visit with an exclusive, guided tour. Get behind the lines and climb into a B-24 fuselage, view rarely seen artifacts up close, talk to one of the museum’s curators, and feel like the museum is yours on an expert-led tour before the museum opens. 

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